Hi, I’m Ana Ceneviva and I’m a girl boss.

Yes, I had a very successful corporate career in my field and the opportunity to live and work in many countries,  meet a diversity of people, travel the world, share my knowledge… very text book journey, right?

But for a period of my adult life I was fat. Very fat. Visualize busy girl boss unattractively fat. And I dieted. A LOT! I’ve tried every single diet, detox/cleanse, supplement, treatment and prescription drug to lose weight. I trusted the process every time.  I had some great professionals by my side. I would lose the weight, and gain it back. Every time.

From now on put yourself in my shoes. Many years and dozens of diets later I’ve tried pretty much everything, to the point I couldn’t diet anymore. I was extremely busy, close to a burnout, no energy left, constant brain fogs, digestive issues now and then, avoiding people and social gatherings for feeling ashamed about my looks, and couldn’t fit anything else in my hectic To Do List. Specially not a diet. Sounds familiar?

It took me some time, experience, and a lot of studying to realize Traditional Dieting and Trendy Nutritional Patterns don’t fit a Boss Lifestyle. You might do it for a while, but eventually something else will take over your energy and you’ll fail. And you’ll feel miserable. And you’ll start over, because you are that kind of person. You won’t just give up like that.

I’ve never gave up. Like many times before in business, when you can’t push through your competition, you gotta outsmart them. No more diets, no more skipping social events. Life simply doesn’t stop to wait for your body to get better.

I researched anything and everything and came across the vanguard of the nutritional approach: Psychology of Eating and Mind & Body Nutrition. It’s not just about food, it says. It made total sense!

By the time I was building my knowledge around this subject, I applied to myself the same principles that I apply now with my clients. And the weight started to come off. I felt energized, light, brain sharp, and ready to tackle any challenge at work and at home. And in the process, I had a baby girl, the little boss in the house!

There was no need to diet. I studied my lifestyle as a scientist observes its bait. I made some changes, a few significant ones in food and most importantly, in life. That was the missing piece of the puzzle. The solutions were finally aligned to my greatest goals and at the same time fit my lifestyle. I felt empowered to have my own nutritional system. I didn’t beat myself up during this process, willpower wasn’t an issue anymore. All my energy and focus wasn’t in sticking to a diet. My brain functioned better than ever. The results came up fast and naturally.

And I truly believe you can do the same.

Get ready to meet the best version of yourself. Eat for your lifestyle. Feel like a boss.

Warmly, Ana Ceneviva

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