Non verbal communication relates to the way we judge people and the way people judge us.  It’s known that emoticons well used can help lead to a better negotiation outcome. Same way our thoughts and feelings are also influenced by non verbals.

Body language is a non verbal LANGUAGE. It’s language! And we use it every minute of our lives to communicate something, even unconsciously! And as it delivers a lot of distinctive sentiments, so it may or may not deliver power. Yes, you can look more or less powerful depending on your posture.

But did you know that the posture can change not only the way other people perceive you, but also changing your posture may change how you feel about yourself?

YES, it works both ways!!! YOUR BODY CAN SHAPE THE MIND!

Powerful people are more assertive, more confident, they even feel they are going to win at games of chance. In general, they take more risks. And there are 2 hormones responsible by this power dynamics:
- Testosterone - masculine, power hormone
- Cortisol - stress hormone

High power alpha males have high testosterone and low cortisol. It’s all about how you react to stress.

SO THIS IS HOW IT WORKS: power poses change the chemistry of the body, increasing testosterone levels and decreasing cortisol levels. So it you want to feel powerful and improve your presence at any occasion, take 2 minutes (in a private space) and make a power pose. It can be before a job interview, a competition, a presentation. AND IT WORKS! IT’S PROVEN BY SEVERAL EXPERIMENTS.

2 minutes can improve dramatically your PRESENCE, he way you convey your message and also the way you are perceived in your environment. It’s ONLY 2 MINUTES, SO WHY NOT TRY IT?

If you want to know more about this subject I strongly encourage you to look at Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy’s talk on TED TALKS to how beautifully she explains about the influence of posture in power.


Stand in this pose for 2 minutes (in a private space please!)

Stand in this pose for 2 minutes (in a private space please!)

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