And I’m not talking about a massage every 3 months, or a pedicure here and there😎…I’m talking about working self-care into your daily routine. Having nurturing moments every day is a critical part of your stress-busting strategy.

The Human Performance Institute (HPI) developed a concept called Oscillation: stress balanced with periodic recovery is a key component in HPI’s successful training of world-class athletes and other elite performers including military personnel, elite surgeons and CEOs over more than 30 years. In sport, this is called periodization which simply means getting the optimal balance between stress, or training, and recovery, or rest, to achieve maximum performance at the right time. Overtraining in sport simply means too much stress relative to recovery and can lead to sleep problems, physical and mental fatigue and decreased performance. It is commonly known as "overtraining syndrome", but is also sometimes referred to as "under-recovery syndrome".

In order to be able to have the right amount of recovery, you have to make time for it. TIP: Schedule strategic breaks during your busy day and enjoy those moments as part of your self development strategy. And keep in mind that, without those moments isn’t possible to continue to perform at the 🔝 and evolve… therefore, continue to be a Bad A** BOSS!

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