Last week I attended to a 4 day workshop for Eating Psychology Coaches in Colorado - US. It was an amazing experience, full of new content, new tactics and strategies that I will definitely implement in partnership with my clients and share in a daily basis with my followers (follow me on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK - see links below). But what I REALLY want to share with you here are the 4 life lessons that I took from this event that may also apply to all of us, executives and entrepreneurs and bosses:


Information can be bought, wisdom can’t

Marc David, founder of The Institute for The Psychology of Eating and one of the most amazing thinkers of our times when it comes to Mind and Body Health, definitely is the core and soul of the workshop. A wise man. And I realized that in every moment he shared his personal experience with the audience, or his views on what other people briefly shared, there was something in there that no other materials in the course could provide. His takeaways were always on point, which made me think that sometimes I learn more from connecting with some people than reading 10 books about the same subject. We should spend more time connecting and listening to what people have to say. I’ll continue to read my books, but I’ll make an even bigger effort to connect with people I admire and trust. There’s where the wisdom is.


Find your niche

While connecting with my peers during the event I realized we all gave our own unique spin on what we’ve learned and how we decide to share it with the world. And it was natural. Every person has a story that will resonate to a certain amount of people. And the sooner we embrace it, the sooner we’ll find what our niche is and start harvesting results.


The importance of the TRIBE

Tribe is a gathering of like-minded people. And finding your tribe means finding people that get you! We all from time to time need to feel embraced by this feeling of being fully accepted and understood. It’s priceless and yet so underrated. One of my tribes is the Eating Psychology Coaches tribe. And they are awesome! And I had no idea. Definitely worth to put some effort in finding your tribe and connecting with them from time to time. 


There’s no such thing as competition

We were more than 200 people from all over the world, gathered in a room talking about the same themes. And yet there were so many different stories and views and takeaways about this same themes!!! It was liberatingto realize that one’s story shapes them in a such an unique way, that even after thousands of hours exposed to the same training we all became such distinct trainers. There’s no competition when you are your own unique self.


Being there with my tribe gave me made me aim to keep working on myself even more! If you would like to have this same feeling for yourself, contact me for a 30' exploratory conversation. It's super easy!  Just click the button below and fill out the form :)