As a BOSS, you are very aware of multitasking and the pitfalls associated with performing two or more unrelated tasks simultaneously, but according to author and speaker Linda Stone (Harvard Business Review, February, 2007), there is another variation of multitasking.

Have you ever seen those people who are in a meeting but look like they would rather be elsewhere? You see them constantly glancing at whatever technological device they have in front of them. They may be checking their email, sending text messages, scanning stock quotes, making dinner reservations -- or, more likely, doing several things.

Such activities not only draw participants’ attention away from the business being conducted at the table, they also compete with one another. This is called continuous partial attention, according to Stone. Our ability to focus is compromised in this sleep-deprived, interruption-driven, always-on world mode. Being able to focus in the moment on what is important, at the exclusion of everything else, and is essential if full engagement is to be achieved. Just like a professional athlete, we must train our mental "muscles" to improve our ability to focus, regardless of the distractions around us and this takes conscious, deliberate practice. TIP: Try putting your mobile out of reach when working on your computer and stepping away from your computer when checking your mobile. Deliberately separating sources of information may help stay laser-focused on one, before switching focus to another, instead of trying to spread your focus across multiple things. With persistence and effort this should become a habit. Want more tips like this? Go to www.anaceneviva.com or www.mindandbodyboss.com and sign up to our newsletter! *Based on HPI Concepts.




Although technology has added ease to worldwide communication, it is also a constant reminder of how we can't "turn off". According to Richard Seven, "Today, the constant pinging of your email can be like the drip-drip-drip of water torture. All of these tools (mobile phones, PDAs, laptop computers, etc.) have made our lives easier in many ways, but they are stirring up deep unease. Scientists call this phenomenon "cognitive overload" and say it encompasses the modern-day angst of stress, multitasking, distraction and data flurries." Today we can do more. Faster. From anywhere. At any time. But it comes with a price. 


  • Take 10 minutes each morning to reflect on your deepest values and beliefs and mentally plan who and what will (and will not) get your best energy
  • Create a ritual that will help you switch off from technology e.g. take a movement break  (stretch, brisk walk…) every 2 hours at work and do not use your mobile devices
  • Be aware of how much you multitask and who and what it may be affecting - are you fully present at dinner with you kids, or your loved one?
  • Become more mindful of how much you rely on technology. This may help you "turn off" and engage in something more important from time to time

When you are fully engaged and present, you FEEL LIKE A BOSS 🙌🏻

Want more tips like this? Go to www.anaceneviva.com or www.mindandbodyboss.com and sign up to our newsletter! Based on HPI Concepts.


And I’m not talking about a massage every 3 months, or a pedicure here and there😎…I’m talking about working self-care into your daily routine. Having nurturing moments every day is a critical part of your stress-busting strategy.

The Human Performance Institute (HPI) developed a concept called Oscillation: stress balanced with periodic recovery is a key component in HPI’s successful training of world-class athletes and other elite performers including military personnel, elite surgeons and CEOs over more than 30 years. In sport, this is called periodization which simply means getting the optimal balance between stress, or training, and recovery, or rest, to achieve maximum performance at the right time. Overtraining in sport simply means too much stress relative to recovery and can lead to sleep problems, physical and mental fatigue and decreased performance. It is commonly known as "overtraining syndrome", but is also sometimes referred to as "under-recovery syndrome".

In order to be able to have the right amount of recovery, you have to make time for it. TIP: Schedule strategic breaks during your busy day and enjoy those moments as part of your self development strategy. And keep in mind that, without those moments isn’t possible to continue to perform at the 🔝 and evolve… therefore, continue to be a Bad A** BOSS!

If you would like to have more ideas about what counts as a Strategic Break and how to incorporate them to your daily routine and improve your productivity as a consequence, go to to www.anaceneviva.com or www.mindandbodyboss.com , go to the Main Menu, click on ‘Take Action’ and ask for more information. 



Today is not about nutrition or psychology per se. After such a catastrophic event - the earthquake in Mexico - my post today is about resilience, compassion and purpose in life.

Resilience: people are following up with their lives despite the caos out there. Meetings are happening, people are opening their businesses and the dear Mexicans who work in my house showed up earlier than ever today with a smile on their faces - they didn't have to come, but they made a conscious decision to be here and move on. What a lesson!

Compassion: I'm so impressed with how people and businesses are mobilized to bring help to the ones in need. Luckily my family and my friends are safe but my heart and soul are with everyone affected by this tragedy. An event like this definitely puts into perspective your values and priorities.

Purpose: during the earthquake, me and my family were not together and that hit me hard. What if that morning was the last I saw my daughter? Or my husband? Am I being the best I can be in my relationships? Am I really present when I'm with my loved ones? Are my priorities straight? Am I living according to my deepest values? That's what this whole situation made me think about. And I invite you all to do the same. 


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An article at Psychology Today states that one of the side-effects of living in a digital age is that we are increasingly removed from our physicality and each other. Our biology is short-circuiting. The balance of neurochemicals that evolved for millennia has been disrupted by our modern lives, making us more prone to depression, anxiety and malcontent. But your lifestyle choices and changes in behavior that can improve your brain chemistry, make you feel better and motivate you to maximize your human potential.


For many of us, executives and entrepreneurs, touching your phone first time in the morning - even before going to the bathroom - brings stress, anxiety and a sense of being ‘behind’ that does NOTHING for your brain chemistry. Even if it’s just a quick pick on Facebook. For your brain, it can sometimes mean you are alone-together. Not the best feeling to start the day, right? 

From the physiological perspective (just because you are not yet convinced) there are many studies documenting the correlation between the use of social media and stress. 


Stress might come from maintaining a large network of Facebook friends, feeling jealous of their well-documented and well-appointed lives, the demands of replying to text messages, the addictive allure of photos of fantastic crafts on Pinterest, having to keep up with status updates on Twitter, and the “fear of missing out” on activities in the lives of friends and family.


It creates a stress response in your body, increasing cortisol levels and decreasing insulin. It makes you FLC (fell like crap) first thing in the morning and on top of that, can make your body accumulate fat and not build muscle. Not the best combination to start the day, agree?


So GIVE YOURSELF at least 1 PHONE-FREE HOUR, starting when you open your eyes and feel how it affects the rest of your day. I promise, it’s easier than it looks and so rewarding!


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