how does it look like to feel like a boss

and ask yourself if you’re in the right path


bosses are lifetime learners

And they know is not about the end result, its all about the journey. And during this process they’re gonna fall and come back on their feet many times. Learn and improve. And train. A lot. Because they want to be ready when a major opportunity - or a huge setback - presents itself. If you live by this idea that the foundation for an extraordinary life is to learn and improve constantly, you are on your way to feel like a boss.

bosses don’t worry, they act

Worrying is natural reaction to a problem; worrying too much and getting anxious is a sign of paralysis. When life throws you a curve ball, you gotta be prepared to deal with it, make the appropriated decisions and act. That doesn't mean you have to do it alone. Bosses are not ashamed of asking for help, building strong support systems and surrounding themselves of the right people and resources that will make them succeed.

Photo by  rawpixel

Photo by rawpixel

Photo by  Simon Rae

Photo by Simon Rae

bosses take self care as a top priority

They know they’ll only be the best that they can be if they prioritize themselves, specially when responding to pressure. Whether are you an executive, an entrepreneur, a parent, a spouse and/or all those things together, you know that to perform all the roles you have in life you need to feel your best. You have to feel like a boss. And that requires consistent and unapologetic doses of self-care.

bosses always, always show up

Because they are aware of the impact they have in other people’s lives. But that’s not enough. Bosses have the energy to show up, be present and connect. They know that’s what the people they love expect from them and they always bring it.

Photo by  Humphrey Muleba

Photo by Humphrey Muleba