As a boss, I refused to create a program that wasn’t 100% results oriented. And also refused to create ‘the next miraculous diet’, simply because another diet is not the answer

Ana Ceneviva

So here are the principles behind this innovative, cutting edge, results oriented approach:




Dealing with stress is key for success. It’s scientifically proven. Like it or not.

Stress is a natural body reaction to a momentary threat. It helps keep us alive. It’s a survival strategy. But living under stress for long periods of time is unnatural, creates a low stress response in the body and slows down the metabolism. Under these conditions one could eat an apple a day and still not lose any weight. It’s scientifically proven.
Maybe stress at work cannot always be avoided, but there are many areas in life that can be improved to minimize or even compensate that effect. We cracked that code. Try us!


We like trends. We don’t like ’trendy' approaches.

It’s unlikely busy executives, professionals and entrepreneurs will find time and energy every day to follow all healthy bloggers’ routines, diets and trends. And they shouldn’t!!! As people who take their minds’ potential to extremes, we need a solution tailored to enable our bodies and brains to perform and deliver on a highest level in a daily basis. Fit to your lifestyle approach is the trend we set.


We are all about real results. No tweaks or tricks.

All our programs are based on psycho physiology, combining your personality, lifestyle and goals and objectives in life. No tweaks or tricks. We seek long lasting results. A diet alone could never accomplish that.


Yes, we believe in the power of food. But not food alone.

We love and recommend real, organic, dense nutrient food to all our clients. We believe in the power of food. But we all know food quality and quantity matters and we still end up making bad choices that might compromise our health. Our Eating Psychology Mind & Body Nutritional Approach is designed to make food work for your lifestyle! 50% of the equation is about food. The other 50% is about who we are as eaters (or bosses).